Wednesday, 21 October 2015


I find this time of year the most exciting, with the weather changing, halloween coming, going to firework shows and the excitement and chaos starting to build for christmas! With that being said, I don't like this time of year flying past without having the chance to fully indulge myself in everything that can possibly involved with all those things, especially halloween, so if indulging is what I want then what better to indulge in than food! I had a look around the internet for some inspiration and for some new recipes to try and ended up coming up with two treats that I fancied having a go at making and I thought I'd share  them with you guys.


This first cake was quite an ambitious one. I wanted to make it two tiered with 4 layers of cake (each tier split in two) so as you can imagine it turned out quite a big mix to make. I was torn between doing red or black velvet but seen as though I had never made black velvet before I though I would give it a go. Once I had then made my mind up to do a white web around the outside I knew I wanted the white buttercream between the layers but these can always be coloured red, black, green, orange or any halloweeny colour you can think of.


Black Velvet cake 
Caster Sugar            
Large Eggs                 
Cocoa Powder              
Plain Flour                  
White Vinegar               
Bicarbonate Of Soda     
Instant Coffee Dissolved in Hot Water
Grated Dark Chocolate
Black food colouring (apparently gel food colour will work better but you will need lots of whichever you pick)

For the full black velvet cake recipe visit the Food Network here

Icing Sugar (Sift the icing sugar for a smoother buttercream)
Food colouring of your choosing
(I don't use certain measurements for this I just mix in bits of butter into a bowl of icing sugar until i get the taste of my liking)

Black Icing
White Marshmallows
Plastic Spiders

For the full instructions on how to decorate this cake visit Say It With Cake here

This recipe does make a very big cake and I did want to make a two tier so it looked even more impressivebut this definitely would still work well with 1 tier so if you don't want a huge cake then you could half all the ingredients used. I also ran out of buttermilk when I made this but you can just mix milk with lemon juice/vinegar or mix milk with plain yogurt and use this as a substitute. When stringing the marshmallows over the cake I found it best to melt a little piece of marshmallow at a time because when its starts to cool it won't create thin string as well and if you reheat it too many times then it starts to lose its stickiness. This recipe can look so overwhelming but it's not as hard as it looks and is well worth it when you end up with your finished product.


The minute I saw these I knew I had to make them. They are super cute, super easy and they have used up some of my tootsie rolls that have been in my cupboard since I went to Vegas at 16!


Rice Krispies
Food Colouring - Orange or Yellow + Red
Green sweets that you can use as leaves (I bought some little cherry sweets that had a great leaf attached to them and I just cut the leaf off)
Tootsie rolls or any types of chocolate or chocolate fudge that can be cut to look like the stems of the pumpkins.

Go to the Craft Gossip website here for the full instructions on how to make these amazing little treats. 

I halved the recipe shown here and it still made 12 decent size cakes so take that into account when you come to make them. 

These are super easy to make but if you are using red and yellow food colouring then be careful to add the colours slowly so you don't end up with a colour too dark or too yellowy. The colour will lighten slightly to what it looks like in the pan once it covers the Rice Krispies so keep that in mind mixing the colour. Also when adding the Rice Krispies, make sure you mix it all in a big pan because the heat of the pan will stop the marshmallow from cooling too quickly and you can always put the heat back on for a few seconds when separating the last few cakes so you can get all the Rice Krispies from the pan. 

Hope you enjoy these recipes and have lots of fun making them because I know I did. Let me know if you decide to try any and what you think off them. Also if you have any other food ideas for this years halloween then let me know because I would love to try them!

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  1. That black velvet spider web cake looks incredible! It's so creative, and unique - never have I seen anything like it! Such a talent, wow! Bet they were both delicious xx

    Jasmine ||