Saturday, 25 July 2015


I absolutely love looking after my skin. Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating, everything that make me feel like a new person so I'm going to let you in on what my favourite 
products are. Links included below. 

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Since finding this scrub I haven't even looked at any other exfoliators. I do believe it is the best scrub you can get. Its incredible at getting rid of all black heads and dead skin giving you perfectly fresh clean skin and yet it never feels harsh on my face and doesn't aggravate my skin. Definitely one of my favourite products.

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Theres a few good body scrubs out there that are pretty similar but I always keep returning to this one. This feels like a two in one, theres plenty of scrub and plenty of lotion so it feels like its moisturising just as much as exfoliating. I also love the smell of this coconut scrub as its makes your skin smell amazing for ages after your shower. There's also lots of other products from Treaclemoon, like this one, that are just as brilliant.

Tip: Use a shower puff. It spreads the product further to gives you an extra scrub.

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Nobody seems to know about this product and yet I believe everyone needs it! I only started using this because I had incredibly dry lips from medication I was on and my mum suggested it to me as she had owned it for years. I could not believe how incredible it was. I have always tried to look after my lips and they never normally become dry, even so i still believe this Lipscuff would always be useful. You literally just put it on like lipstick, wipe/wash it off and then say hello to your new lips. They feel amazing straight away but I find that the day after is when then feel their best. I would seriously recommend this to everyone.

From a young age I have had quite sensitive skin but I find that all these products work really well without irritating it. I hope this blog is useful to some of you and if you have any more questions on these or any other products then don't hesitate to contact me.


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