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Theres so many fake tan and tanning lotions to choose from now and when looking for a new one what really works best? Theres such a big price range between all of the tanning products out there so if you pay more then do you really get your money's worth? I'm not completely sure but I thought I'd give my view on what products I have found best for me over the years so I hope this narrows your search down for you! 

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Boots - £9.99

fake tan, fabulous, review, sally hansen, airbrush legs, leg make up
Boots - £13.99


First up is a leg make up that was only introduced to me because it's what my mum swore by and I only started using it because it was the only thing in the house so I would just quickly whack it on. When i was wearing it out though I would always gets comments about my legs looking flawless and like plastic (ill be honest I wasn't sure if that was a complement or not!) But now i always have to have this in the house because its true, it makes your legs look flawless and its so quick to use. You don't need a mit with these products because it will wash off so easy. I use both of these products depending on what I can get my hands on and I don't particularly favour either. They are both the same product but it may be a little easier to quickly spray your legs and blend rather than keep having to keep picking up the squeeze bottle. Apply, blend and voilĂ . Its as simple as that. Ive also used it over the rest of my body and its still brilliant, just be careful of your clothes and bedding because it's a wash off instant tan and can rub off on fabrics.
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fake tan, fabulous, review, st.moriz, dark, self tanning, mouse, instant tan
Boots - £4.99


Everyone knows St.Moriz as a cheaper version of St.Tropez, I don't see it that way at all. I've had a St.Tropez tan done before and I found that I really wasn't happy with it but that may just be me. I have never had an issue with St.Moriz though. This product is a gradual tanning mouse and needs to be applied with a tanning mitt. I usually always tan the night before an event and wash it off in the morning to give it plenty of time to develop. It always looks so natural and I never get any streaks. The only problem I have found with this product lately though is that it doesn't seem to develop dark enough on me, especially my legs, even though I use the dark shade. Also if it has to be washed off before you go out and if you haven't washed it off before bed then it can stain your sheets. If you want a natural tan that stays on perfectly for a few days then this is the one for you.
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fake tan, fabulous, palmers, cocoa butter, gradual tanning, moisturiser, review, natural bronze, spray
Boots - £5.33 (on offer)


This is my new find and i'm so impressed. I've always been in love with all of Palmers Cocoa Butter products and this one is no exception. I've been wanting a new tanning moisturiser for a while so I decided to try this. Its so quick to use just give yourself a quick spray on the areas you want tanned and let it dry (you can just carry on getting ready whilst you let it do its job). A couple of hours later you have a result that is better than most fake tans I've used except this is actually good for your skin. 2-in-1 product and its saves so much time. You can also spray the tan on and rub it in to give you a lighter tan. I did spray on quite a lot though and it still looked incredibly natural. I love that there's no need to wash this one off and it doesn't stain your sheets or clothes. This would also be perfect for holidays!  
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Hope this was helpful for you guys and if you try or have tried any of these products then let me know what you think. If you have any other questions or queries then please don't hesitate to comment or contact me. 

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