Saturday, 12 December 2015


So christmas is getting closer which means I'm getting more excited by the day. Our family have so many traditions around christmas time but the first thing we have to do to get in the spirit is to get our tree up! Christmas would be bare without it + we have always loved our tree + you can feel the same! So here are some steps to help you fall in love with your tree and get into the christmas spirit.

STEP ONE: Pick Your Tree + Put It Up - Wether you prefer fake trees or real ones we want them all to look perfect so try any pick a tree thats symmetrical and full. We have a fake tree because I love it looking symmetrical far too much and it's lasted over 10 years. Put your tree up where you want it and move some branches about so they are all as evenly spread as can be. 
Tip: Just make sure you pick a tree thats fits in your room and has space on top to put your fairy or star! 

STEP TWO: Light It Up - Our tree is 6ft and we tend to use 400 lights but it completely depends on how bright you want your tree to be. We normally go for warm coloured lights for our lounge but after moving we could only find a set of warm lights and a set of white lights so they have had to do for now and they actually brighten the tree up nicely. With the warm coloured set we did a zig zag pattern so that we had most of them showing at the front, then because we had more white lights we did full circles around the whole tree because I've always hated when the back of the tree isn't decorated. Also it is totally your preference as to wether you want to start your light at the top or the bottom. We started at the top this year and it did seem to make it easy to spread out but I also think it's good starting at the bottom because then you can pick where the plug will end. Remember Before you start putting the lights on always plug them in to check they all work.
Tip: keep the lights on whilst your string them so you can keep track of where they are. 

STEP THREE: Go Crackers - Now the lights are on you need to look over the tree and find where all the biggest gaps are in the tree then place a cracker in there to fill it up. I find that this makes a massive difference to how symmetrical and 'perfect' the tree ends up looking. 

STEP FOUR: Tinsel + Beads - People seem to have so many different opinions about tinsel and beads and I actually think they look tacky on their own but I have always loved them on our tree. We pick two different types of tinsel (obviously ones that match though) and then put them on alternate down the tree and evenly spread out. We also cut the tinsel to certain lengths to fit around the tree. Ive never liked cutting up the beads and tying it around branches so we string it around the tree. Once again evenly spread it out down the tree and go all the way around the back and kind of drape it so it droops down between branches. Don't worry if the beds aren't perfectly symmetrical or the tinsel isn't straight, you are best fixing any of those things once the tree is finished. If tinsel and beads isn't your things then you can leave them off or even use thick ribbon to drape around your tree in a spiral. 

STEP FIVE: Organise - Lay out of you baubles and ornaments on the floor and group them into different types and then all the individual ornament you have put to one side.

STEP 6: Get Decorating - First we start with out big baubles that we hang right at the bottom of the tree all evenly spread out. Then we pick our largest amount of simple baubles first which is always our plain gold baubles and our little gold instruments. we scatter them all around the tree then we carry on doing this with the rest of the groups of baubles. Once the tree is looking quite full then we save the best till last. We place our favourite and most memorable ornaments down the middle of the tree and we buy a new one each year.
Tip: Make sure all your ornaments, especially the glass ones, are secure on the branch so that they can't be knocked off.

STEP 7: Finishing Touches - Place your angel or star in it's pride of place and put your tree skirt around the bottom. Eventually finish the tree off by filling underneath it with lots of nice prezzies and cover the tree in real candy canes and chocolates so that everyone can enjoy your tree! 

Once you have finished everything off you can keep tweaking bits that are bugging you but becareful not to mess too much because I find it always ends up looking worse! I hope after following this you manage to create the perfect christmas tree to wow all your guests. I have always loved our christmas tree and It has always been a christmas tradition to always have it similar to how it looks here (that's why some things look a bit dated!). 

Whats your family tradition? Or your favourite thing about christmas? And what do you think makes the perfect christmas tree!? Get in touch and let me know because I absolutely love christmas. Hope you are all getting as excited as me!

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