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I'm backkk... and I have to ask, is anyone else as excited for christmas as I am!? I love everything about christmas, from christmas jumpers to buying presents, from all the yummy food to wrapping gifts, from christmas tree's to a night to celebrate with all my family. I love the excitement that fills the air everywhere you go wether its mad shopping centers or long walks in the cold, every experience just feels different at christmas time BUT we all know how stressful it can be at the same time. That's why I like to try and get prepared and organised for the whole holiday NOW! 

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In November I always love to write out all my lists for christmas, I love writing lists. Lists make you feel so organised and give you so much satisfaction when you get to tick everything off (am I sounding sad write about now?) so I wrote down what I think the must have lists are for christmas time so you can feel prepared and stress free too. 

Lists to make - 

PRESENTS TO BUY - I'll start with a list of everyone I need to buy for this year, then jot down ideas of presents that would suit them and what I associate with that person. Wether it's the job they have or a hobby they love or just an obsession they might have with an animal, film or music artist, anything helps. Then when you browse online at gifts you have something to search for or if you come across something in a shop then you know who would love that gift the most. 

HOUSEHOLD DECORATIONS - Next I write a list of things that I'd like to buy for the house for christmas. We're hosting christmas again this year and with finally having the house nearly fully furnished we are now wanting to buy some new christmas decorations to go with the new look. Then we have all the table accessories and place settings to sort out and I also love making some little bits and bobs for the house like christmas tree trimmings, name place cards or even revamping some old decorations that we already have. 

FOOD + DRINK - This is a list we all need to make because it's what christmas is all about isn't it? Make sure you have a big shopping list made that includes drinks that will be suitable for the kids or maybe some cocktails or mulled drinks you would like to try making like mulled Pimms or cider (recipes coming soon!). Then add all the food you will be needing for the christmas period, not just christmas dinner. What will you be eating as a christmas eve dinner? Do you have balm cakes for a leftovers christmas dinner sandwich on boxing day? And what will you be eating for your special christmas morning breakfast? apart from a cheeky bottle of bucks fizz and with a side of chocolate of course. Also you need to add on what stuff you will need for baking, which leads me onto the next list... 

RECIPES - Write out what recipes you would like to try this christmas. Is it some cool cookies you have seen that you can do with the kids or is it making and decorating a yummy chocolate log or even just making some little santa's out of cream and strawberries. Whatever you fancy, including cocktails or mulled wine recipes, put them on your list then find a recipe you like and write it down or save it in a christmas recipes bookmarks folder on your computer. Of course, once that is done, check your cupboard and then write on your shopping list all the ingredients, decorations and baking equipment you will need to create that delicious dessert. (Posts on 'Impressive looking recipes to make this christmas' and 'christmas gifts baked with love' coming soon) 

PERSONAL SHOPPING LIST - Now this is a list I always think I can get away with not having but then it gets to christmas or the end of winter and I wish I'd of wrote it because I have gone without jumpers or boots or a coat and end up getting it impulsively at the end of winter, which seems like a waste. Think about what you will need this christmas/winter. It could be a cardigan or shoes or a nice party dress, even jewellery or a bag. If those things can be bought in the christmas sale then great but think about wether you would get more use out of it if you bought it now and then go out and buy it! Just be careful not to buy something that you might of mentioned on your christmas list when your family have asked you what you want this year, that could be an awkward present to open (especially if you're wearing it already!). 

SCHEDULELast but definitely not least, write lists with deadlines.

Figure out what you can get done in November - 
examples buying presents, sorting out your decorations, wrapping gifts and writing cards. 

Then write a list for the first fortnight in December -
examples cleaning the house, putting up your decorations and getting your christmas cards sent. 

Do a list for the week before christmas - 
examples picking up last minute gifts, getting your christmas shop, and getting all the table decorations together.

For the last few days before christmas I would write a plan for each individual day depending on what is left to get done. 
examples Plan a night for baking, a day for prepping the food for christmas day (tip: you can chop up your veggies and leave them in a bowl of water ready to throw in the oven on christmas day) and remember to schedule in time to meet up with your friends and share a mulled wine whilst passing out your presents! 

Try and get all the chores and stressful jobs finished in the last few days before christmas so that, on christmas eve, you can have a relaxed day seeing friends and a night with the family on the couch watching Muppets Christmas Carol! 

Christmas, xmas, relaxed, organised, stress free, to do, lists, food, christmas dinner, christmas lists, how to, shopping list, decorations, month plan, planner, schedule, recipes, muppets, christmas, carol, spirit

Hope these tips have helped give you some ideas to start getting organised for the holidays. Check back soon to read many more posts all about christmas including 'Xmas food and drink recipes', 'Presents on all budgets for everyone on your christmas list', 'Gift wrapping ideas' and 'Things to do to enjoy this christmas' so check back soon.

How do you get organised for christmas? Does making lists keep your stress levels down like it does for me? and most importantly are you excited!? Let me know what you do in the lead up to christmas to feel stress free and to get in the christmas spirit!

Christmas, xmas, relaxed, organised, stress free, to do, lists, food, christmas dinner, christmas lists, how to, shopping list, decorations, month plan, planner, schedule, recipes, muppets, christmas, carol, spirit

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