Wednesday, 25 November 2015


After posting about the gorgeous make up brushes that I thought would be perfect for christmas I then thought I just had to let you all now about this miracle scrub I recently started using. Although it may not seem an obvious christmas choice, after trying it, I actually think it would be a brilliant gift for christmas! 

I had been eyeing these coffee scrubs for ages but there are so many different types out there that I never knew where to start looking but I seemed to keep coming across the name 'Frank Body' so after reading about their products on their website I was desperate to try one. They use so many different and intriguing natural products in their scrubs that I wanted to see what difference they could really have on my skin. Now, I would be here all day if I told you about them all and their benefits so check out the site here to find out all the magic they can work but I will just tell you a little bit about whats in the coconut one I use. 

I have recently become obsessed with coconut oil for all different reasons and I have always loved the smell so I knew this would be the one for me. All of their scrubs have coffee in them and so they should with all the benefits it has to your skin! It scrubs away all of your dry and flakey skin, better than any other scrub products I've used, leaving it super smooth and perfectly ready to moisturise. It also has a list of other benefits such as stimulating blood flow, targeting psoriasis, eczema, and acne and It’s also full of antioxidants and amino acids that rejuvenate the skin, improving firmness and texture while reducing redness. Along with the coffee, the coconut scrub also has some other great ingredients such as:

Grape Seed Oil - which assists in cell repair and heeling of the skin along with other things. 
Coconut Oil - which has anti inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It targets breakouts and skin infection and gives your skin moisture without blocking your pores, see why I'm obsessed with it!? 
Jojoba Beads - a natural cleanser and moisturiser that's perfect for sensitive and problem prone skin and removes dry dead cells which keeps pores clear and healthy! 

I read all of that and thought it was too good to be true. There was no way it was going to exfoliate and firm my skin as well as help get rid of cellulite! After the first use though, I was a believer. I honestly couldn't believe how smooth all my skin was, especially my bum and back of thighs, They had never been that smooth and I had always used scrubs and exfoliated to try and look after my skin. With how my skin felt afterwards I genuinely believe it is the natural ingredients that makes all the difference. It is full of grains of coffee which I love in a scrub and which makes it feel so much more satisfying when you are applying it. I haven't even used this scrub as often as I probably should have but it doesn't even seem to matter because the results are so drastic after just one use. 

If you have been looking for a product to help reduce your cellulite and all the little lumps and bumps that keep appearing on the back of your arms and legs in front of your eyes then I definitely recommend this scrub. They also have Original, Peppermint and Cacao scrubs if coconut isn't your thing. Since buying this scrub I have been eyeing up their other products as well not knowing which one to buy next but they are soon releasing a lib scrub and lip balm duo that is now at the top of my wish list for the next month. Lip scrubs are the best! 

If the price of these products is putting you off buying it for a friend or you aren't sure if you're a scrub kind of girl then you could always try making your own. I have seen some lovely recipes knocking about that I have vowed to myself I have to try so here's my favourites for you:

I love the colour of this one and and it looks quite thick which I like scrubs to be. Plus, how cute do they look as presents! You could even cover the lid in cloth or wrapping paper to make t even more christmassy. 


This is one I saw on ELLE online and I thought it looked like a pretty simple recipe. After trying a coffee scrub I just want to stick with it! 

Photo Cred - ELLE 

Hope your enjoy trying out these scrubs, just a warning though. it may get messy. Do any of you have a favourite scrub? Have you found any natural products that you find work amazing for beauty? Please let me know because I'm sure I'll be super thankful for it!

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  1. I love the look of this scrub, I might have to try it out! Great post!

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    Frances xoxo