Wednesday, 14 October 2015


So I was tagged by the lovely Lily Angelova over at Beauty And The Nature to do the 'I Love Fall' tag which involves letting you in on what my favourite things are at fall time. I really do love autumn and winter so I'm super excited to do this. Hope you enjoy!

1|  Favourite Fall lip product?
This has to be blistex - I can't stand having dry lips and once the heating goes on, the fire is lit and the cold wind comes in its inevitable. My favourite lip colour this fall though has to be MAC's 'velvet teddy'! (read reviews on this lipstick and more of my MAC favourites here)

2|  Favourite drink for Fall?
This has to be hot Pims! I would drink this all year round if I though it was acceptable (recipe post coming soon) 

3|  Favourite Fall nail polish?
Normally it's always just been matte black nails because its halloweeny and I love matte black anything but at the minute I am loving Rimmels 'Rain Rain Go Away' in the Rita Ora collection.

4|  Favourite Fall candle?
I love Black Vanilla candles at this times of year. Theres even a really nice one sold at primark for £1.50.

5|  Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
I want to say haunted house because thats the only thing they really have in England but now I really want to try the hay ride and corn maze! 

6|  Favourite scarf/accessory for Fall?
I love bob hats, but I don't wear them as often as I wish I did. If I had to pick a specific item then it would have my be my Topshop checked scarf, I wear it too often. 

7|  Favourite candy?
I don't think I have one if i'm honest, and that's not because I don't like candy it's because I'm terrible at making decisions! My ex did make me watch some though and I think insidious was my favourite. I love all the phycological ones. 

8|  Your favourite horror movie?
I don't watch a lot of horror movies because I have a childlike imagination and end up picturing every situation turning into a horror movie but I do still enjoy them every once in a while and I think the last one I watched that I really enjoy was probably 'Insidious'. I like the phycological ones.

9|  Favourite blush for Fall?
I have actually just started using a new blush that is perfect for fall its from an Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette Refill called 'l'orange'. A little goes a long way with this product though plus they also make amazing eyeshadows!

10|  Favourite thing about Fall?
Halloween or bonfire night or the excitement of christmas coming or cosy nights in front of the fire or walks in the rain.... ok basically everything! (Told you I'm bad at making decisions.) 

Now its time to tag some fabulous bloggers to join in - 

Hope you all enjoy reading and writing this post and let me know when you post it! And everyone else let me know what you love most about fall!


  1. Hi Jazmin! I wanted to let you know I finally got the "Liebster Award" post up that you nominated me for! Here's a link to it if you want to check it out:

  2. I love autumn, the candles, the colours and warm slippers :) That nail polish is lovely x

  3. Hi there :)
    I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award! If you still want to participate, hop over to for the rules and questions.
    x, Juliet (via blogging boost)