Saturday, 22 August 2015


I get stressed so easily with lots of little things in life (probably because im a huge perfectionist), so when I find little tips and tricks to help me with any small problem they seem to make my life so much easier and obviously beauty is a big thing in my day to day life so I thought I'd let you know what my favourite little hacks are that make life a little simpler for me.  

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    • When using a concealer palette or cream contour palette, slightly wet your brushes so that it doesnt look as thick on your face and it also helps the product go further and last longer.

    • Don’t put mascara on false eyelashes. It will make them last longer so you can use then multiple times without then looking like spiders legs on your eyes, no one wants that! 

    • Don’t wear your hair in a bobble too much as it weakens your hair and causes it to snap (its happened to me!). If i'm in the house or going to bed I try to put my hair in a big clip on top of my head or use a scrunchy. 

    • Try and put topcoat or nail strengthener directly on to your nails each day and you will have healthy strong, long nails in no time. 

    • Give your legs a quick scrub/exfoliate with an exfoliating brush or shower puff before shaving your legs. Wet your legs, scrub them, let the water soak into your legs, shave, then soak in water again. Say bye bye to your large pores!

    • When spraying perfume on your wrists, dab your wrists together instead of rubbing as rubbing spoils some of the molecules and therefore changes the way the scent performs on your skin.

    • After straightening your hair spray your brush with hair spray and then brush through your hair, repeat until all your hair is covered and this will stop all those frizzy bits and keeps its perfectly straight all day or night.

    • Always use lip liner under your lipstick to make sure it stays on for longer and and doesn't slip outside the lines of your lips. Also who doesn't want their lips to looks bigger!?

    • If you have any patches of dry skin on your face after applying make up then just rub in a tiny bit of moisturiser over your make up on the affected area. The appearance of dry skin should disappear. If needed then use your foundation brush to go over the area so there are no patches but don't add any more product.

    • Invest in brush cleaner (I own mac which is £8 for a huge bottle that lasts ages). Just apply to a cotton pad or some kind of tissue and rub your brushes until no more make up rubs off onto the tissue. Using brush cleaner will save you time and allows you to use your brushes straight after cleaning rather than having to let them dry. This will be better for your skin and your make up will look much nicer.

    • Apply cellotape on your eyes (or a plaster if cellotape is too harsh on your skin), from the outer corner of your eye to the direction of the end of your eyebrow, for slick eyeshadow and liner look. Remove after you have finished your eye make up and then apply your foundation. 

    • Always apply your concealer in an upside down triangle under your eyes. This stops your concealer from making your under eye bags looking heavier and blends in to the rest of your make up. Also apply to the inside corner of your eyes (sides of the nose) to help cover though tired looking eyes. 

    • Don't pump your mascara brush. Swirl it around in the tube to stop the air from getting in and drying your mascara whilst still being able to cover your brush.

    • Don't throw away dried up mascara. Put a couple of eye drops into the tube to get the most out of it!

    • Quick trip to exfoliate lips. when brushing your teeth just give your lips a quick brush at the end to get super smooth lips.

    • To make your eyeshadow stay on for longer apply concealer before your eye make up. It creates a nice base for the shadow to stick to and stops it from creasing.

    • When applying mascara, move your mascara brush side to side on your lashes moving upwards to give full coverage quickly.

    • DIY tinted moisturiser. Mix together a bit of your favourite moisturise and foundation for a nice tinted moisturise on a day when you feel you need to give your skin a bit of a break. Also it stops you having to search for new products you like and spending a fortune on something you don't really want.

    • Always use base and top coat on your nails. I think this is a pretty obvious one that most people know yet it surprises me how many people don't do it. It take two seconds to apply and dry and it will stop your nails from discolouring or going brittle. 

    • Before applying lipstick, cover the outline of your lips with concealer or even use foundation, then use a lipliner to recreate the outline of your lips how you want. Cover your whole lips with the lip pencil rather than just outlining your lips and this will create a great base and will stop you from getting just a horrible 80's/90's style outlined lip if your lipstick wears off. 

    • Old but very worthwhile tip, after applying lipstick place a piece of tissue paper between your lips and press the whole of your lips onto the tissue paper. It gets rid of any excess lipstick and helps keep you lippy on for much longer without it moving. 

    • If you use extensions then back comb your hair at the roots in the places where you will be placing the clips. Clip the extensions into the backcombed hair and this will stop them from sliding down your head. 

These are the main beauty hacks I stand by but I know there are plenty more that I will of forgotten and I am constantly coming across new ones so I will keep you updated on what new tips and tricks I come across to help make the world of beauty a little less stressful. Hope some of these help you and if you have any more beauty hacks you find helpful then I would love to know about them so please get in touch! 


  1. Hey! I love your blog :)
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you in my Liebster Award post here:
    I hope you have fun answering the questions and please tell me when your post is up because I would love to read it :)
    Vee x

  2. Hey! I love your blog :)
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you in my Liebster Award post here:
    I hope you have fun answering the questions and please tell me when your post is up because I would love to read it :)
    Vee x

    1. heyy! thats amazing, thank you so much! I'm sure I will, I'll get onto it asap and let you know when its up.
      Thanks again :) x

  3. These are brilliant tips, thank god for this post haha! So many things I didn't know (e.g, brushing your lips after brushing teeth, exfoliating legs before shaving etc) xx

    1. ahh glad you enjoyed it. I keep coming across new ones every day and im thinking how did I get by without knowing that!
      Thanks for reading xx

  4. Thanks SOO much for this, really helpful!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Your welcome!
      Thank you for reading and I'm glad it's been helpful.
      Jazmin x