Monday, 27 July 2015


Like most of us I am constantly lusting after clothes, shoes, bags and everything to do with fashion. I'm constantly wanting a bigger wardrobe but I have neither the space or the money to be buying all the things I'm wanting so I end up going back to websites and just looking at items days on end, starting at the page, hoping one day I'll go back and it will be half price or in a massive clearance sale but of course that doesn't always happen so I thought I'd let you know what I've been staring at and dreaming about this past month. 

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I've been looking for a pair of summery shorts for months now and find it hard to find a pair that will cover my bum and that aren't tight around my thighs but I absolutely love this pair.  shop here

These have been on my wish list for a while and now I have finally found a set I actually want to buy at a good price. Ive always been one for wanting comfy underwear to wear around the house and I'm always wanting a practical set to wear for the gym or yoga and these are just perfect and the best I can get. They are definitely needed in my life.
Bralette - £28 Short Briefs - £23

The amount of missguided sportswear alone thats on my wish list is far too much. I haven't tried any on yet so cant say what the quality is like but if the rest of the clothes on missguided are anything to go by then I'm sure they will be great. There's an incredible amount of cute, stylish sportswear and I especially love the sleeveless hoody's and tops.  shop here

These are the cutest most practical beach bags Ive ever seen and if I was going on holiday this year then I would already have one. They look stylish and summery whilst keeping all the water and sand away from your stuff. There's nothing better than an item thats both fashionable and practical.  shop here

This dress caught my eye because it reminded me of the silk drape dresses that Kylie Jenner has worn in the past so then I couldn't not want it! The wrap style will bring your in at your waist making it super flattering and I think the fabric makes it look so much more expensive than it actually is.  shop here 

Culottes have blown up this season with every style and fabric you can possibly think of on the market and although I think some of them are ridiculous, I am still on board with this trend. I have held off buying a pair for so long, questioning wether they would suit me or trying to decide which style or colour I like most in the massive array of culottes out there. Then culotte jumpsuits appeared and I just knew I needed one wether they suited me or not and this culotte jumpsuit is no exception. I need this in my wardrobe to wear through the day and dress up in the night and I think the colour is perfect for an english summer.  shop here

From the second I came across this site I wanted everything on it. I couldn't believe how stylish all the shoes were, they all reminded me of the Kardashian's, yet they are all such good prices! This pair is one of the top on my Public Desire wish list.  shop here

Fringe and suede have been massive trends this season and i'm ashamed to say i own nothing with fringe. Everything I've seen with fringe didn't seem very practical to wear or wouldn't suit me but I am in love with this bag. Its on trend and It's a bag I would use everyday. shop here

I find it quite hard to find flat shoes that I like because I have size 7 feet so all shoes i wear look huge on me, then I set my mind on the fact that I needed a pair of sliders. After looking around for ages for a pair that I wanted, something a bit different but that would go with most outfits, I finally found these. The colours are so smart yet subtle and they have a thick sole making them more hard wearing and comfier.  shop here

Although I love fashion, I love being comfortable as well so I'm constantly looking for nice comfy clothes mainly for around the house. This is the nicest sweatsuit I've come across. I've always needed baggy joggers to wear and I have always liked wearing lose cropped tops and that is why I need this set in my life. Another selling point is that Kylie Jenner has this exact tracksuit in black.  shop all colours here

Everyone needs a quality leather skirt in their wardrobe. They are a guaranteed way to look and feel smart and sexy. This is the nicest leather skirt I have found. The colour, the detailing and the style are all perfect and with the standards of quality that celeb boutique produce this skirt would last so long and would be well worth it's money.  shop here

I haven't got the biggest chest and although that may cause some serious cleavage envy sometimes it also makes it a lot easier to wear plunge cut and risky clothes without me looking like I'm flaunting it all, hence me lusting after this top. I'm always looking for plunge tops or dresses but its hard to find ones that are good enough quality to hold you in without a bra but this is such good quality that you wouldn't have to worry. With it being a halter neck you can tie it tighter to hold you in, the lining keeps you well covered and secure and the loose fabric on top makes sure your private parts are well hidden.  shop here 

Once again It's Kardashian inspiration. Khloe Kardashian loves this dress and its obvious why. The suede fabric and the rich taupe colour is beautiful. It also comes in a cream colour and that is just as gorgeous but I wouldn't trust myself in such a pale suede. As you can tell I just wish I had the whole of Celeb Boutique in my wardrobe as I've never found such quality fabrics and designs for reasonable prices.  shop here

For any help finding these items or want to know more about sizes and quality then please get in touch!

Saturday, 25 July 2015


I absolutely love looking after my skin. Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating, everything that make me feel like a new person so I'm going to let you in on what my favourite 
products are. Links included below. 

beautiful, scrub, exfoliator, st.ives, review, fresh skin, apricot, invigorating


Since finding this scrub I haven't even looked at any other exfoliators. I do believe it is the best scrub you can get. Its incredible at getting rid of all black heads and dead skin giving you perfectly fresh clean skin and yet it never feels harsh on my face and doesn't aggravate my skin. Definitely one of my favourite products.

beautiful, scrub, exfoliator, coconut island, coconut, body scrub, shower, treacle moon, review


Theres a few good body scrubs out there that are pretty similar but I always keep returning to this one. This feels like a two in one, theres plenty of scrub and plenty of lotion so it feels like its moisturising just as much as exfoliating. I also love the smell of this coconut scrub as its makes your skin smell amazing for ages after your shower. There's also lots of other products from Treaclemoon, like this one, that are just as brilliant.

Tip: Use a shower puff. It spreads the product further to gives you an extra scrub.

beautiful, scrub, exfoliator, review, lip, scuff, body shop, review


Nobody seems to know about this product and yet I believe everyone needs it! I only started using this because I had incredibly dry lips from medication I was on and my mum suggested it to me as she had owned it for years. I could not believe how incredible it was. I have always tried to look after my lips and they never normally become dry, even so i still believe this Lipscuff would always be useful. You literally just put it on like lipstick, wipe/wash it off and then say hello to your new lips. They feel amazing straight away but I find that the day after is when then feel their best. I would seriously recommend this to everyone.

From a young age I have had quite sensitive skin but I find that all these products work really well without irritating it. I hope this blog is useful to some of you and if you have any more questions on these or any other products then don't hesitate to contact me.

Friday, 24 July 2015


Theres so many fake tan and tanning lotions to choose from now and when looking for a new one what really works best? Theres such a big price range between all of the tanning products out there so if you pay more then do you really get your money's worth? I'm not completely sure but I thought I'd give my view on what products I have found best for me over the years so I hope this narrows your search down for you! 

fake tan, fabulous, review, sally hansen, airbrush legs, medium glow, leg make up, spray tan
Boots - £9.99

fake tan, fabulous, review, sally hansen, airbrush legs, leg make up
Boots - £13.99


First up is a leg make up that was only introduced to me because it's what my mum swore by and I only started using it because it was the only thing in the house so I would just quickly whack it on. When i was wearing it out though I would always gets comments about my legs looking flawless and like plastic (ill be honest I wasn't sure if that was a complement or not!) But now i always have to have this in the house because its true, it makes your legs look flawless and its so quick to use. You don't need a mit with these products because it will wash off so easy. I use both of these products depending on what I can get my hands on and I don't particularly favour either. They are both the same product but it may be a little easier to quickly spray your legs and blend rather than keep having to keep picking up the squeeze bottle. Apply, blend and voilĂ . Its as simple as that. Ive also used it over the rest of my body and its still brilliant, just be careful of your clothes and bedding because it's a wash off instant tan and can rub off on fabrics.
Click here to view all shades.

fake tan, fabulous, review, st.moriz, dark, self tanning, mouse, instant tan
Boots - £4.99


Everyone knows St.Moriz as a cheaper version of St.Tropez, I don't see it that way at all. I've had a St.Tropez tan done before and I found that I really wasn't happy with it but that may just be me. I have never had an issue with St.Moriz though. This product is a gradual tanning mouse and needs to be applied with a tanning mitt. I usually always tan the night before an event and wash it off in the morning to give it plenty of time to develop. It always looks so natural and I never get any streaks. The only problem I have found with this product lately though is that it doesn't seem to develop dark enough on me, especially my legs, even though I use the dark shade. Also if it has to be washed off before you go out and if you haven't washed it off before bed then it can stain your sheets. If you want a natural tan that stays on perfectly for a few days then this is the one for you.
Click here to view all the products. 

fake tan, fabulous, palmers, cocoa butter, gradual tanning, moisturiser, review, natural bronze, spray
Boots - £5.33 (on offer)


This is my new find and i'm so impressed. I've always been in love with all of Palmers Cocoa Butter products and this one is no exception. I've been wanting a new tanning moisturiser for a while so I decided to try this. Its so quick to use just give yourself a quick spray on the areas you want tanned and let it dry (you can just carry on getting ready whilst you let it do its job). A couple of hours later you have a result that is better than most fake tans I've used except this is actually good for your skin. 2-in-1 product and its saves so much time. You can also spray the tan on and rub it in to give you a lighter tan. I did spray on quite a lot though and it still looked incredibly natural. I love that there's no need to wash this one off and it doesn't stain your sheets or clothes. This would also be perfect for holidays!  
Click here for this product.

Hope this was helpful for you guys and if you try or have tried any of these products then let me know what you think. If you have any other questions or queries then please don't hesitate to comment or contact me. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Ok so here is the start of many make up posts I'm sure and I'm starting with a look at some of my favourite products I have found over the years. I've tried to include quite a few pieces so I will try to keep it brief.

make up, review, illamasqua, real techniques, urban decay, naked 3, benefit, mac, sleek, crown brush, body shop, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contour, brushes, sponge, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip scrub, primer,

I've been buying lots of exciting new products the last month or so and I feel a need to share my thoughts on them because, even though I have a massive interest in make up and love to shop around and try stuff on, I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of products out there when it comes to buying something new and sometimes find it hard to know what brand or product is going to suit me best. (Find links and short reviews below)

make up, review, illamasqua, real techniques, urban decay, naked 3, benefit, mac, sleek, crown brush, body shop, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contour, brushes, sponge, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip scrub, primer,


Breaking it up, I'll start with my base make up first. I've alway been very picky with this part of my make up routine because I have struggled with terrible acne and combination skin over the years but I always manage to find some products that work amazingly with my skin. Having said that, I'll introduce my biggest obsession lately, ILLAMASQUAFrom the minute I was introduced to this brand I have been hooked. So here are my go to, reliable to look fabulous, Illamasqua products:

HYDRA VEIL & MATTE VEIL - The most refreshing, feel good primer I've ever used. Hydra Veil is a gel primer that hydrates your skin and always gives your skin a cooling and soothing effect. (And just feels god damn amazing on your face!). Ever since i can remember i have always preferred a matte look on myself over a dewy look and hense me trying out the new Matte Veil. It has a very similar feel to the to the Hydra veil but its mattifies the skin before you have applied your make up to give you long lasting shine free skin and comes in a creamy form. Both products can be used under your primer but for months i have used these products as my main primer and they have been brilliant for me and they last me for so long! 
shop here

SKIN BASE - Since using this foundation I have barely been using any concealer which i normally rely on. It is incredibly light on your skin and only a small amount is needed to cover your face but the best part, if you need more coverage because of blemishes, dark circles or any other reason, just use a little bit more. You can keep building it up to get the right coverage for you. Plus its stays on for so long without budging! Everyone needs this product! In the picture I have both Skin Base 6 and Skin Base 7, the lighter one i use of the daytime and the darker one for evenings. Once again, this product lasts you months! shop here

SKIN BASE LIFT CONCEALER - As well as acne, from young, I've also suffered from dark circles under my eyes and found it hard to get concealers that cover them. Skin Base Lift does the job perfectly though. It doesn't sit heavy under my eyes and has quite light tones that tend to illuminate rather than darken. 
shop here

LOOSE TRANSLUCENT POWDER - Linking back in with my preferred matte look, this powder is an absolute must for me. This sets my make up perfectly and keeps my face matte all day and stops any Sweaty Upper Lip Alert moments from happening on those sticky summer days or sweaty club night dancing sessions. There is also a pressed translucent powder available. 
shop here

Theres been a deal on for a while at Illamasqua called ultimate skin trinity where you can get your Hydra/Matte Veil, Skin Base Foundation and Skin Base Lift Concealer all for £70 which is great value. I recently got this deal and what made it even better is that when I bought these products in store they threw in 2 Skin Base Mixers. I am quite pale but i find my skin colour seems to change day to day, then there are times where I will have a bit or a lot of tan on and even more importantly is when my skin changes on holiday or through the summer I have a nightmare getting my foundations to match each day. Instead of constantly having to find new products, these have been the answer to my prayers. Just the tiniest dot of white to lighten or terracotta to darken and I have myself my same old trustee foundation in a different colour. Trust me these are genius! Unfortunately I cant find the skin base mixers on line but you should be able to get hold of them in store. 
Here's the link for the ultimate skin trinity shop here

make up, review, illamasqua, real techniques, urban decay, naked 3, benefit, mac, sleek, crown brush, body shop, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contour, brushes, sponge, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip scrub, primer,


CROWN BRUSH 10 COLOUR CONCEALER PALETTE - Just recently I have got into contouring, along with the rest of the world it seems, but it took me forever to find the product that I wanted, and then I came across this. I had in mind that I wanted a cream palette but after shopping round for ages i realised that there weren't a lot of them about and if I found a cream one the price sky rocketed. I found this palette for £16.99, and its been amazing. So many colours to choose from depending on how subtle or extreme you want your contour and they blend perfectly. Another bonus, as I said before, it seems like my skin is constantly changing colour and now I have a concealer to match my skin every single day. Such a brilliant buy and I'm glad I took the chance on it considering I had never used crown brush products before. 

make up, review, illamasqua, real techniques, urban decay, naked 3, benefit, mac, sleek, crown brush, body shop, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contour, brushes, sponge, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip scrub, primer,

These are just a couple of contouring products I bought that are quick to use and you can just put on top of your make up to quickly transform daytime make up to evening glamour.

SKULPTING POWDER DUO (heliopolis & lumos) - These beautiful powders are so quick and easy to use. You can mix the colours to create your own shades and can use with water to create more of a bold look. I use these every day with the darker matte colour to skulpt under my cheekbone and the lighter shimmer to highlight on top. Only a tiny amount of these powers are needed in each go and even better is the fact that they can double up as eyeshadows.

GEL SKULP (silhouette) - I originally bought this product because I saw the results and loved them, then i got home, opened it up and realised I didn't have a clue how to use this extremely dark brown gel stick. Anyway after watching a couple of tutorials I had gotten the hand of it and realised it was actually an incredibly easy way to contour and define my face. Also I find that this can be applied under or on top of the rest of your make up depending on whatever suits you that day so it is a handy thing to have in your bag to transform your make up and can also be used with any skin colour.

make up, review, illamasqua, real techniques, urban decay, naked 3, benefit, mac, sleek, crown brush, body shop, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, contour, brushes, sponge, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip scrub, primer,


Every girl needs a naked palette. Since buying mine I have completely neglected all my other eyeshadows and every time I wear the naked colours I constantly get compliments on my eye make up. The only problem I have with the palette is that there are a couple of eyeshadows I use every day and therefore they run out much quicker. Next time I would definitely buy either one of the naked basics palettes or I would buy a build your own palette to refill the eyeshadows I have used up. Either way, naked palettes are a must have. 

In October i went to watch an Illamasqua make up tutorial for some halloween looks and thats when i first came across this eyeshadow. Yes it may of been used in a demonstration for halloween but it created such a beautifully bold look that it was immediately on my to buy list but was I hesitant because i wasn't sure how often i would use it. It turns out very often. Every night out I have planned I try and use it because its so unusual but creates a beautiful look and goes with a lot more than i thought it would. Even though it looks incredibly bright red it actually can go on quite subtle at first and builds to be a bold look to suit whatever mood your in. Such a good buy if you are looking for something a bit different. 

Minx - warm rose, satin finishUnfortunately, the majority of the time, I'm quite predictable with my lip colours lately and always pick browns and nudes. Although Mink is described a as a warm rose, I use it with a similar colour lip pencil and it makes it more of a rich brown colour. This is definitely my favourite Lipstick. 

Vampette - deep berry, satin finish - Vampette is a lipstick like none I have ever used before. Its a colour that makes a statement and surprisingly its goes with so many different looks. I would only of ever looked at a colour like this is the past for halloween but for my 21st I had my make up done at illamasqua and they did soft blue smokey eyes to match my dress and I asked them to recommend a lipstick and they came to me with this and to be honest, I was hesitant, but once it was on I was honestly amazed with it and had to have it.

MAC LIP STICK (myth) -
Everyone knows that mac lipsticks are amazing and everyone knows that nowhere does nude lipsticks better than mac. That being said, i don't think there is much more i need to say about this lipsticks except that its nude and it mac so therefore a must have. 

- MAC LIP PENCIL (half red) -
Like I've just said, mac are brilliant with their lip products and colours and this product is no exception. I use this lip pencil far too often and with so many different coloured lipsticks because it creates a great base on my lips and stops my lipsticks from moving for hours. Also this colour is a perfect match for the Illamasqua minx lipstick that I've listed above.

- SLEEK MATTE ME LIP CREAM (birthday suit) -
Before this lip cream I barely wore lipstick because I always hated them wearing off throughout the day or night and having to reapply or them smudging off my lips or outside of my lips. I now wear this lip cream nearly every day. Its matte which is my favourite and it never moves or smudges no matter how long you have it on for. Plus I love this colour. This is the best lipstick/gloss I've ever used and its much cheaper than most out there.

All the make up I have listed here lasts me for such a long time and is incredibly long wearing make up because I can never be bothered with the hassle of having to top up my make up throughout the day or night.

There will be photo's to follow shortly of the results of these products. Also if you have any questions about products or advice on what to choose or how to use anything please don't hesitate to message me and ask. You can also find some tutorials online at Illamasqua and plenty of other sites.

Saturday, 18 July 2015


From being really young my mum always did lots of crafts with me and taught me lots of different things i could make and design and I really enjoyed it. I loved making things from scratch and coming up with ideas and finding artsy ways to try and pull it off and so when i have the time i still try and be creative with these skills. So now, every so often ill make a hamper for a friends birthday or special occasion and I decided when better to make a hamper than at a baby shower so when i got invited to my friends baby shower i decided to get creative! And even better, I promise that this doesn't have to be expensive! 

homemade, baby shower, hamper, hand made, basket, cellophane, gift, teddy bear, blanker, bibs, lights, candle, body shower cream, soap,

  • First i start with deciding and finding the kind of box or basket I'll use to put all the presents in. (You can use anything from old shoe boxes covered in wrapping paper to gift boxes or even, like I have chosen here, a basket that looks super cute and can be used again in the recipients home.
  • Next I picked what kind of gifts you would like to give and what would be appropriate for the occasion. For the baby shower i obviously wanted some cute baby bits (because who can resist buying baby stuff?!) but i didn't want too many because i know they normally get overloaded with stuff that they cant use for long once the baby starts growing so i decided to buy some bits for the parents as well.  

homemade, baby shower, hamper, hand made, personalised, basket, cellophane, gift, teddy bear, blanker, bibs, lights, candle, body shower cream, soap,

In this hamper I've included all the bits listed below:

- Baby blanket 
- Disposable bibs
- Pack of 3 baby grows
- I <3 Mummy & I <3 Daddy little booties
- A super soft neck bib (so it doesn't hurt the babies skin)
- Johnson's bar of soap
- A candle
- A Crystal jar that i filled with balls of wool
- A set of shower gel and bubble bath
- A teddy bear 
- And some rose battery lights that she can then hang in the nursery 

homemade, baby shower, hamper, hand made, personalised, basket, cellophane, gift, teddy bear, blanker, bibs, lights, candle, body shower cream, soap,

  • I then arranged everything in the basket to make it look pretty and i decorated the basket with a little card making sticker saying 'New Baby' (this part is of course not necessary).
  • I finished it off by wrapping cellophane around the basket, i fold the sides in like wrapping a present and  and stick a couple of pieces of cellotape where necessary to stick any messy bits down (try not to use to many pieces as it will start to look messy). I also leave plenty of extra cellophane at the top so that i can tie it up and still have extra left at the top to spread out so it looks more professional.
  • Next I tied the top up with something that will hold it tight (you might need help with this so that someone can hold it for you as you tie the ribbon). I originally tied the cellophane with thin decorative curling ribbon because it stays tight once tied in a double knot.
  • I cut the ends of this ribbon short so I could hide it under a fabric ribbon that looked more appropriate for this kind of gift and then used a double sided sticky tape to stick a bow on the front of the ribbon.
  • Finally I added a little gift tag. You can use any kind of gift tag you find suits the present best. I used a brown parcel label (you can but a pack of them from the post office or craft/stationary stores), I tied some thin rope through the hole and attached it to the ribbon I used to tie the cellophane (sorry I haven't got it in view in these pictures). I also used some more new baby card making stickers that match the one on the front of the basket and decorated the front of the tag.

homemade, baby shower, hamper, hand made, personalised, basket, cellophane, gift, teddy bear, blanker, bibs, lights, candle, body shower cream, soap,

Tips and Tricks: 
  • Make sure the cellophane at the back and the front is an even length so it looks neat at the top after its tied.
  • Plan the amount of things you are buying before buying the basket or box to make sure all the presents fit in properly.
  • Start with the biggest presents at the back and work to the smallest at the front in general so that you can see all the presents more clearly.
  • For the gift tag you can cut out a picture you like from an old card and just bend it and stick it on with cellotape or pierce a hole in it and thread some ribbon through it. I have done this many a times with presents and it always makes the present look more personalised and my friends and family always love it. 
  • Always buy a role of cellophane that you know will be wide enough for the size of the hampers you are planning on making. If there are none wide enough then you would have to wrap a length round sideways as well as round the front and back. This will work fine but may not look as neat.
  • This hamper was one of the more expensive ones I've made but it is easy to make cheaper ones and i always find the best places to find stuff including cheaper gift boxes (or I've even used little buckets or small storage boxes maybe intended for bathrooms) is at places like Home Bargains, B&M or even some big pound stretcher's or poundland's.

I hope you find this post helpful as i absolutely thing they are brilliant ideas for presents and everyone always appreciates them so much more! If you are planning on making one and need any more information, help with ideas, or you are even stuck with some of the steps then please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to help you out!